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Buy the best CBD oil: what different manufacturing processes are there?

To win CBD (cannabidiol) there are several methods. In the hemp plant CBD is in the form of carboxylic acid. It is an inactive ingredient. By enzymatic catalysis or by heating, a carbon dioxide molecule is split off from the carboxylic acid. There are several methods to extract CBD. Possible are:

  • Heating up
  • CO2 extraction
  • Extraction with alcohol
  • Extraction with butane

CBD-extraction by heating

The extraction of CBD oil by heating has advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that extraction takes only a few seconds at a high temperature. For this the plant is heated up to 210 °. However this is also at the expense of quality. Above all the terpenes suffer from heating, whereby their effect is lost.

Normally plant is heated in two steps. In the first stage, the hemp is heated to about 100 to 110 ° C for 10 to 20 minutes. This evaporates the residual moisture in the plants. In the second stage, the plant is then brought to 120 ° for 1 hour.

CO2 CBD-Extraction

The CO2 extraction is the method that we use of because it has numerous advantages. First the hemp is only heated to 100 to 150 ° and simultaneously crushed. The CBDA in the plant is turned into CBD. Subsequently, liquid, cooled carbon dioxide is compressed to 50 to 70 bar and fed into the extractor. It already contains the plant material and the extracted ingredients are then separated with a separator from the plant residues using temperature and pressure.

This manufacturing process is considered to be particularly gentle, because the substances contained in the flowers and plants, such as terpenes, while remaining undamaged. In addition, this is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective method. Because carbon dioxide also occurs in nature. Es werden keinerlei Reste hinterlassen, denn das Kohlendioxid verwandelt sich nach der Erwärmung in Gas und verflüchtigt sich.

CO2 is considered a particularly environmentally friendly extractant. Because in industry it is a by-product. There is a reusability and even with low temperatures a good and energy-saving extraction is possible. The extraction method is favorable, since no strict environmental regulations must be observed.

CBD extraction with alcohol

Another common method that is used very frequently is the extraction of CBD with alcohol. Alcohol is also originally an organic material. It is produced, for example, by fermenting plants. In addition, alcohol not only extracts polar, but also non-polar chemical compounds.

This means that alcohol extracts more substances than for example CO2. As a result, this CBD oil contains more complex extracts. The extraction is classified as harmless and the alcohol is also given antimicrobial properties.

CBD extraction with butane

As the name implies, butane is used in this extraction process. Butane is a highly flammable substance, therefore, certain procedures are required in the extraction of CBD oil. For example, the extraction must be done in a closed loop. This is the only way to ensure that no butane gas can escape during CBD production.

Butane has a low boiling point (-1 °) and is very inexpensive to buy. However, butane is a product of petroleum and therefore it is not resource efficient and not sustainable. Improper use may increase the risk of explosion. Furthermore, no contaminated butane may be used.

Buy CBD Oil in Germany

You can safely buy CBD-Oil in Germany if it meets the local conditions. The CBD extract primarily benefits from high-quality industrial hemp from controlled production facilities in Europe and is always certified organic quality. All of the CBD oils we provide contain a THC level of less than 0.2% and are therefore approved for distribution in Germany without exception.

The production facilities of our suppliers are located in Poland (Hempoland and Cannabigold), Italy (Enecta), Denmark (Endoca), Austria and Germany. In order to guarantee the best quality, every batch of the CBD Oil the selected manufacturer sends us is tested by independent institutions. As we really want to deliver consistent quality, we always publish the test results. In this way, you will rest assured that you are buying the best CBD Oil available.

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We guarantee the highest product quality. All our products are GMP certified and come from 100% organic farming. The oils are free of heavy metals and pesticide residues and are extracted gently and solvent-free through CO2 extraction.

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You will often also find lower-quality products in the hemp extract oil section. The suppliers we manage for produce your CBD oils exclusively on a GMT basis. The hemp extract is brought to the respective concentrations using high-quality plant oil.

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